Thursday, 27 September 2012

Whitecross Street Market

I think I've mentioned that I miss working in Soho.  It's upsetting really.  That said, there are some perks to working near Old Street, like being able to walk to work and having Whitecross Street Market on my doorstep come lunchtime.

On my first day, a colleague took me there and I was really impressed with the choice available, even on a Monday.  Things do tend to liven up towards the end of the week but there's a multitude of choice all week long.  Many of the stalls have mega queues, but they move quickly, and if taken as a sign of the quality, they're probably a good thing.

Here are some of the things I've tried.

Green Goat
I've loved both lunches I've grabbed from the Green Goat van, it's the dark green one (the light green van, a little further South down the street belongs to Luardos).

The double sardine fish-o-fillet burger (£5), 2 sardines served in a granary bap served with slaw and beetroot ketchup was delicious.  It's served in some parchment paper, and is a bit messy to handle (think sardine hands all afternoon, I had to go and buy some wet wipes) but the important thing is that it's delicious.  The beetroot ketchup is a lovely idea, nice purple hue to it. 

These guys get their fish in daily from Cornwall and it really shines through, the quality and freshness of the fish is what makes these dishes. 

I would have to say I preferred the Cornish pollack which came on a bed of roasted broccoli and cherry tomatoes with rocket.  Again, the freshness of the piece of fish really made the dish, Green Goat are offering a really healthy but filling alternative to the norm come lunchtime. £6, but you get what you pay for.

I clocked that they're doing a fish curry at the moment, think that's a must have.

Hoxton Beach
I tend to find falafel a bit dull to be perfectly honest but I'd read good things about Hoxton Beach's balls.  I went for a small (3 falafs) wrap with hummus and aubergine, frankly I can't see why anyone would turn down those optional extras.  There's a large available with 5 falafals and these are such excellent value.  I've really craved more since I sampled this, a nice selection of crunchy salad gets added, then some ripe sliced tomatoes and chilli and tahini sauces.  Also jalapenos, if you're so inclined, I was.  It started raining as soon as I walked away from the stall, but I couldn't resist ripping it open and tucking in under the safely of my brolly.  It was so good.  Mmmm.

Some delectable German sausages are up for grabs on Thursday and Friday at the Southern end of the street.  For only £3.50 you can get a traditional German sausage, in a bun topped with sauerkraut, mustard, ketchup and crispy onions.  They're also selling a load of traditional German sauces and snacking sausages like Landjäger which make me happy because they remind me of hiking up mountains in Bavaria, good times.

Can't wait to try these guys out, and I thought leaving Soho might be good for my waistline.....
Eat my Pies
The Roast of Sherwood
The Wild Game Company
Wholefood Heaven

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Let's face it, Whitecross street is awesome for food.