Wednesday, 22 December 2010


Long time no blog! So, the lack of posts lately is due to my new job, which is pretty full on but fun and in Soho so I now have the opportunity to explore a multitude of potential new lunch spots on the rare occasion that I actually get to take a lunch break!

I've tended to grab something on the go but when I can take that bit longer and actually eat something hot at a table that is not my desk I've found myself drawn to Pho. Just across the road from the office and just what the doctor ordered in these cold cold months. I've mostly stuck to ordering the pho, it's quick, filling and pretty good, especially the Bun Ga Hue, hot and spicy chicken. With the below average temperatures we've experienced over the last couple of months this has been my top lunch spot though it is rather pricier than your average lunch venue and as it is a chain. It's only my idle nature that stops me from finding a cheaper independent version in the area, there's a challenge for January.

Bibimbap is another must go place, rice served in a clay pot for that crispness that develops as you eat your way through the dish. I particularly like the seafood option with squid, mussels and prawns with added miso and chilli sauces this is the perfect one pot meal. Again good for the winter months with fresh veggies and your choice of meat, seafood or egg toppings.

I've also called upon my old favourite Byron on a number of occasions as well as checking out the new branch of Wahaca on Wardour St. I continue to enjoy the food at both establishments.

Special mention to Shelley's Sandwich Bar on Dean St where I grab an essential jacket potato fix every so often, or if I don't quite know what I fancy I invariably find myself loitering around until something on their extensive menu calls to me.

I am still yet to try Fernandez and Wells, purely out of laziness I think, but that's next on my list as again, it's just down the road and I'm quite possibly the only food blogger in London to never have sampled any of their wares. To be continued....

163-165 Wardour Street, Soho

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11 Greek St, soho

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