Monday, 20 July 2009


One delightful Sunday evening Nibs and I wondered along South Bank looking to grab a bite to eat before we watched a film at the BFI. There's a vast array of options but I am always somewhat disappointed by the eateries on South Bank. I once had a decidedly average meal at Canteen, I'm not a fan of Ping Pong, Wagamama is boring and I associate Giraffe and Eat with lunches rather than dinner.

We ended up at Strada where I've eaten before and not been hugely offended. Stupidly we did not have a 2-for-1 voucher, always annoying when you remember these kinds of things mid meal. We were also a little strapped for time, having pre booked tickets to see Far From Heaven (a birthday present from Nibs.)

Nibs had the parma pizza. This looked and smelled brilliant, on my last visit, probably about a year ago I had a pizza and was very pleased with it. Pizza is something I am very keen to eat more of in London, I'm yet to try Franco Manca mainly out of laziness and the fact they're closed at weekends but I'm pretty sure Strada would not feature highly on anyone's top London pizzerias. The good thing about them here is that they are large. This beat Nibs.

I had the Tegamaccio, Puglia Fish Stew which promised mussels, clams, squid, prawns and red mullet in a wine and herb tomato sauce. I was disappointed with the measly portion of fish and the quality of what there was. There was 1 large prawn at the centre of the dish, this was the highlight. The sauce was very winey, quite good actually, the accompanying ciabatta tasted burnt and was soggy, might have been nice served on a side plate. I also got a side salad of rocket and Parmesan. This poor unfortunate bowl of leaves was put at the pass under the lamps and had to wait for the mains to be ready, it duly wilted and was a shadow of its former self by the time it made its way to the table. The stew was tepid, not sure if this was intended or not.

The thing I like at Strada is the bread they do in baskets, a pizza base with toppings of cheese or pesto. I wasn't hungry enough to have this. I felt the stew was a rip off at £15. Don't know why but I seem to be ordering a lot of stews lately, silly perhaps considering it's summer.

So, I'm remain at somewhat of a loss as to where is best to eat on South Bank, perhaps it's worth venturing further afield? I'm still keen to try out the Anchor and Hope.

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Kake said...

How about RSJ or Troia?

Boo said...

ooh these look good, i'll check them out next time, I seem to gravitate towards South Bank with friends rather often so it's good to have lots of options!

Kake said...

I look forward to reading your reviews!

Lizzie said...

Blueprint Cafe was excellent when I went. I try and avoid chains as much as possible, they bring me out in hives somewhat...

Dan said...

Incredibly, I've never eaten in a Strada. Doesn't look bad.

As for the South Bank, my fave place is Butlers Wharf Chop House - eating in the Bar. No Reservations needed, excellent views of Tower Bridge. Tables outside on the wharf in the Summer. well executed no nonsense British grub, and ordering off the set menu - 3 courses for (from memory) £14

Ive eaten in there dozens of times.

Boo said...

Lizzie - I know what you mean, I generally do too. Thanks for the suggestion.

Dan - that sounds great, I always overlook Butlers Wharf for some reason, it's a nice little area.

Anonymous said...

Noticed your photo of the Tegamaccio and I've had it in a different Strada (Sheffield), where it was much, much better. The photo of yours makes the portion size look pitiful. In other words, this is the fault of the individual restaurant rather than Strada as a brand.

FKidd said...

These days you could carry a wallet of 241 vouchers for the likes of Prezzo, Zizzi and Strada London. There's always some sort of discount available online and it really pays to keep a couple on you.