Saturday, 12 September 2009

Cafe Renoir

Thomas and I are buying a new kitchen. Enough of the dodgy old electric hobbed cooker and leaky sink we've tolerated for some time now. An early Saturday morning appointment at Magnet Kentish Town left us starving and stranded in a virtual culinary wasteland.

So hungry were we in fact that we made the unwise choice of eating lunch at Café Renoir. We both opted for the 'anglais' club sandwich a combination of chicken, avocado and tomato. I had granary bread and Thomas had white.

The bread slashed the inside of my mouth leaving it sore for days afterwards. Maybe I ought to have used the knife and fork, but club sandwiches, like burgers, are all about eating with the hands.

The filling of the sandwich was chopped small and pre mixed, a glut of mayonnaise meaning that little else was discernibe, a mushy wet mess. I've noticed this place only because I like people watching when on the bus and this is on my route, the colours make it stand out and it's always pretty busy, I can't imagine why. Kentish Town must have better to offer than this? Red (Really Excellent Dining - see what they did there?!) is similarly dismal.

£8 for this is a crime.

Cafe Renoir
Kentish Town

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Lizzie said...

Looks like you've had a right run of bad meals recently - poor you!

Dan said...

£8 for that! Truly disgusting, it looks utterly crap. That salad in the middle looks like it's seen better days as well.

I make a bloody gorgeous club sandwich even if I do say so myself, in fact its one of the first things I ever 'really' cooked, after eating something similiar in TGI Fridays (Back in the mists of time when it was still a novelty) and trying to make a version of it at home....

I still get asked to make them for parties and family gatherings etc...and shall be upping my charge in line with Cafe Renoir's pricing ;)

Boo said...

Lizzie - it was truly foul but I've just been a bit lazy with my posts, I've had some great meals lately!

Dan - your club sounds amazing! Up your price for sure!