Wednesday, 26 May 2010


When I first came to London I dined at Satsuma and remember being pretty impressed with the speed of the food and the atmosphere, I had a salmon teriyaki bento box. I couldn't really remember the quality of the food as it was pre blog and it was with slight trepidation (and horror at the length of the queue at Busaba) that I returned with Thomas, Benj, Sue and John.

This time around I succumbed to the familiar comfort of a chicken ramen. Whilst it is not the most exciting of dishes I do so love a bowl of steaming noodles in broth. I'm very keen to try the newest noodle addition to Soho Koya, I've tried and failed, they had even run our of noodles on one attempt which is surely a good sign?

Satsuma's ramen included half an egg and a scattering beansprouts, plenty of different textures and tastes to occupy the buds. I was pretty quiet while I tucked in but this is a fairly standard dish which does not wow, rather scratch an itch. A small portion and at £7 perhaps a little overpriced?

Fortunately I was able to share some of Thomas' salmon sashimi which was excellent. I really think it's a shame that it's so difficult to obtain sushi grade fish, particularly salmon and tuna, in regular supermarkets. It's something I would have at home often, though obviously I lack many skills with a knife. Fortunately the sushi chefs here are dab hands, the menu seems a lot more sushi oriented than it was on my last visit, I'm unsure.

I also tried some of the vegetable and prawn tempura, both good, light and crisp as it should be. As a group we sampled a large selection of sushi, noodle and rice dishes and all were well received. We had to wait a short time to be seated but the service was still swift and attentive, I received my ramen before my glass of wine. The bill was a bit higher than expected, the sashimi coming in at just under a tenner for a pretty measly serving.

In all a tad over priced for what it is but a reliable venue for a quick bite to eat. Decent sushi doesn't come cheap.

56 Wardour St


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