Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Drapers Arms

Fortunately for me this recent fine spell of weather coincided with my birthday and I was pleased that the opportunity arose to spend the afternoon with some friends and family at The Drapers Arms in Islington, a pub I've wanted to visit for a while now.

We arrived during lunch and sampled a number of dishes on the menu throughout the day, whilst enjoying the sun, some great beverages and watching the USA vs Ghana match in the evening. I must admit I'm feeling slightly bereft at the lack of games now the World Cup is over. Roll on the start of the Premiership season!

Anyhow, back to the food, I had a ploughman's shortly after arrival and Thomas had a pork and apple sandwich. Mine was excellent, a monstrous piece of cheese with plenty of lovely bread and butter, the perfect dish to nibble on and to share with the group and good value at £9.50. Thomas thought his sandwich was a bit apple heavy and could have done with a slightly more generous serving of pork.

I got serious envy spying a whole crab on a nearby table. Other dishes sampled included a confit duck leg and roast beef. I ordered the chicken, sausage and mushroom pie for dinner with a couple of sides, new potatoes and spring greens. I really liked the pie, it was again a generous serving for the £12.50 price mark. The filling was a tad looser than I had expected but the sides soaked up the juices well. The golden pie casing was nicely crisp and there was ample meat inside, all too often pies disappoint on that front.

In all, I really enjoyed my day at The Drapers Arms, both the quaint garden to the rear and the nice high ceilinged dining room. Come evening the focus here seems to be on eating but it was also a great place to celebrate the passing of another year with a few drinks. I'll definitely be back to sample more.

The Drapers Arms
44 Barnsbury St
N1 1ER


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Chris said...

I love the Drapers Arms! You should go for their quiz nights, they're brilliant. Quiz and a pork pie, perfect.

Boo said...

Hi Chris - ooh, that does sound good, I'll check it out, thanks!