Monday, 9 August 2010


For me weekday lunchtimes are boring, I'm a salad at lunch kind of girl, as I've explained before, I just am, metabolism dictates, also I am often so busy at work that I don't get chance to enjoy a relaxing hour, I wolf something down at my desk, blah blah blah....moan over.

Sometimes though, appetite, hangover or both combined, means that a salad just won't do, one such day I opted for sushi.

Perhaps inspired by the recent bout of posts on blogger find Sushi of Shiori, I decided to return to Tobiko, where I've been for soup before and loved it. Buoyed by these Qype reviews of the sushi I sampled the salmon and tuna selection for £5.80.

In short it was great, enough rice to quell the carb craving without making me feeling too full in the immediate aftermath. Freshly rolled daily (in view of those passing by early morning), you can select any sushi mix from the counter or if you don't wish to queue go for a house selection. I got there late to avoid the masses.

I'll definitely be back, there are lots of hot dishes to sample come the colder months. Fresh, affordable and very friendly staff it's certainly the best of it's kind in the Covent Garden area. They also sell everything off super cheap late afternoon because they are not open in the evenings.

8 Garrick Street
Covent Garden


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Laissez Fare said...

I used to work a few doors down from there and went there a lot - overall it's very nice (and the owner and his staff are so pleasant), but I did find it slightly expensive - especially with Yoshino Deli a few minutes' walk away too. The hot dishes are good & filling, but they do nuke them to make them warm, something I don't really like.

Happy sushi hunting :)



Boo said...

Hi LF - hmm, wasn't aware of the nuking! Puts me off too truth be told. I'll check out Yoshino Deli, not heard of it, thanks for the heads up!