Friday, 20 January 2012


I have to be THE last food blogger to try one of these burgers. Most raved about them in their previous guise at either the Meatwagon or #Meateasy. Yanni (Papoutsis, joint owner along with Scott Collins) has become a legend, that's how good these burgers are. People are queueing in January for god's sake. I can't believe it took me so long.

Poor quality pictures just don't do the food any justice but MEATliquor is all about mood lighting and cool. It's just brilliant, the queue went down quickly, we arrived at around 9:30 and were seated by 10 and part of that wait was at the bar with a St Thomas in hand (a brilliant gin cocktail).

To start we shared chicken wings and chilli cheese fries, which I dripped all down my white top, gah! I'm not usually a fan of chicken wings, I find the meat to bone ratio unsatisfying but these were magnificent, a mildly hot and sour sauce making them really very moreish.

Chilli cheese fries are pretty much the ultimate in sinful food. Sloppy yet crispy with a nice kick from the chilli.

I had to order the dead hippie, the double patty cheeseburger with special sauce, American cheese, pickles, lettuce and onion. It is incredible. For better pics take a look here at the hoards of other blogger reports, particularly good snaps of the dead hippie can be found here. It is sooooo good. Our table of 6 was silent as we all got stuck in, all in agreement that it's the best burger we've had in London. And these burgers only cost £7.50, they are very special.

We also tried the deep fried pickles and the onion rings, all very good but not as good as the burger, it's obviously all about the burgers, they're that good. Also, it was a really filling dinner for less that £20 a head with beers, the price is right too.

With the no reservation policy being de rigueur in London right now, and the huge buzz that exists around this place, you're likely to have to queue most nights, they're closed Sunday and Monday so best bet would be to go between lunch and dinner to avoid the wait, if it bothers you. Or, grab a can and have a drink whilst you wait, many do judging by the litter out front, and enjoy the scent of burgers that snakes down the street.

74 Wellbeck Street

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Lizzie said...

Those deep fried pickles are brilliant, as are the burgers. Oh god I have the craving now.

Chloe Martin said...

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