Monday, 25 February 2013

Lucky Fried Chicken

For a very limited time Lucky Chip have popped up at The Grafton in Kentish Town.  They're offering Lucky Fried Chicken Tuesday-Saturday, and roast dinners of a Sunday.

I expected the place to be packed out but we ordered a drink at the bar and sat straight down at 7:30 last Thursday evening.

There were 3 of us and we ordered the bucket o' chicken (£28.50) from the small but perfectly formed menu.  It supposedly serves 5-7 but we were hungry and only just beaten.  Think Colonel Sanders but with really succulent and not in the least bit dry chicken.  The crumb had a fine kick to it but unfortunately the bucket, whilst being a fun play on the KFC family deal, is not an ideal vessel for piping hot chicken pieces as they're stacked right on top of each other and the coating got a bit soggy and damp.

Accompaniments of dinner rolls and gravy, coleslaw and fries were excellent but I was really beating myself up at the end of the night when I realised I'd missed out on the mash, apparently it's well worth the visit for that alone.

If you can, get yourself down there sharpish, it's a really nice pub to boot.  Also available are sandwiches (chicken burgers), Wednesday only livers and gizzards (I'm intrigued) and desserts of the apple and cherry pie persuasion.  We were way too full for those.  I'm actually not mad keen on fried chicken, weird I know, but this is good, and a fine way to spend a cold February evening. Careful not to burn yourselves though, it's v. hot.

Lucky Fried Chicken
The Grafton Arms
20 Prince of Wales Road
Kentish Town

And, I'm moving to the area soon, woo!  Hopefully more of the same to come.

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