Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Wishbone and Franco Manca, Brixton

I've spent a couple of Saturdays in Brixton this summer and managed to try both Wishbone and Franco Manca, at last. 

Brixton Village is a cute little place, there are so many tempting eateries and the atmosphere is lovely, covered seating with an outdoor feel to it, long communal tables seating lots of happy looking people.  I really wish I lived closer.

First on my list to try was Wishbone.  There was really only 1 reason I was there and that is this.

Yes, my friends, that there is deep fried Mac 'N' Cheese with tomato sauce.  So so so good.  You get 3 mega slabs of the stuff (for want of a better word, they're rectangular, not balled) for £4.50.  And that tomato sauce is key to the whole thing because it's sharp and tangy and absolutely perfect with the creamy richness of the mac 'n' cheese.  I needed an actual lie down after eating these.  I managed to make it home first, but it was touch and go.  Hang over cured.

Of course, what Wishbone are best known for is fried chicken so I tried some of that too.  You choose wings or thighs and a style, Korean, Thai, buffalo, etc. and you're off.

I had the buffalo thighs with carrot, celery and blue cheese sauce.  They were brilliant.  I wasn't drinking so my meal came to just over £10 and service was really friendly and relaxed.  I can't wait to return and try the other varieties, but these were so great I'll find it hard not to order the same again.  Would like to get involved with the sours too, but found myself hanging too badly on this occasion.  Next time.  Love the place.  Well done Brixton.

Onto pizza.  I have to admit I rarely crave pizza.  I think it's because I, and everybody else no doubt, have had way too many average pizzas before.  This was until I had Franco Manca, of course, now I want it all the time and I must get to the new Pizza Pilgrims place. 

I met Nibs at Market Row one afternoon and we were seated without having to queue for long.  Orders are taken while you wait and tables turned pretty quickly and efficiently.  We shared a burrata salad to start, served on a board with tomatoes, rocket and olive oil (£6.50).  It doesn't look much but once opened up, the cheese is everything you want in a ball of mozzarella. 

I went for the tomato, chorizo and mozzarella pizza, with a liberal dousing of chilli oil (£6.80) while Nibs had the ricotta, ham and mushroom.  It's wonderful, of course, I knew it would be.  The wood fired oven adding char and crunch to the slow rising sourdough base and the quality of the toppings is evident, you can add pretty much anything you like for a small extra charge, ingredients are listed on a chalk board. 

Service was very charming and now Franco Manca have expanded, too, so there's really no excuse to eat the rubbish stuff anymore.  It's a nicely filling cheap eat and I'll definitely be back to try more, maybe they'll even venture North one day.

Had this for afters from Lab G, lovely gelato and sorbet place just around the corner.  Lemon sorbet for me and peanut butter ice cream for Nibs, £1.90 for a little tub, absolute bargain.

12 Market Row

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Franco Manca
4 Market Row

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