Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Kaspar's @ The Savoy

Back in June when the Kid and I attended the Taste of London preview evening, we tried the salmon hotdog from Kasper's.  Declaring it one of the best things she's eaten Kid booked us in for a celebratory lunch at Kaspar's after finishing her final exam earlier this month, woo!  Well done Kid!

We were hideously late, party due to TFL and partly due to the weather but they were ever so polite about it.  Charlie and Nibs arrived on time and tucked into the fantastic bread whilst they waited for us.  They served more as soon as Kid and I sat down.

As we were celebrating we ordered a bottle of fizz to get started.  Kasper's being a seafood bar and grill, we all did the sensible thing and ordered fish.  Sad to see the salmon dawg was no longer on the menu, Kid opted for the lobster club.  Having declared en route that she detests avocado, she was a tad disappointed when it arrived.

This was so good that it actually changed Kid's opinion where avocado is concerned.  Usually a texture issue, it was not a problem with this sarnie, it was all about the lobster followed by the bacon.  The obligatory side of fries was also well received.  £28 isn't cheap but there was plenty of lobster and the setting is special.

Nibs and Charlie had the royale fruit de mare platter for £45.  Consisting of half a lobster, oysters, crab, prawns and scallops.  The seafood was exceptional, I was gifted an oyster.  Fries don't come with this so on the side they were an extra £4.

I opted for the fish pie, £19.  Plenty of fish in there, mussels, salmon, prawns and plenty of boiled egg, which always makes me very happy.

Topped with a lot of Parmesan mash, I couldn't actually finish it, and that very rarely happens.  A side of garlicky chilli broccoli went down very well, also £4.  We were too full for dessert so we decamped to the pub for the rest of the day after our lunch of indulgence at The Savoy and Five Guys later in the evening!  It's obviously not going to be cheap but it really is a lovely setting and the service was exceptional, I'd say it's well worth splashing out.

Kaspar's @ The Savoy
The Strand

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