Friday, 27 December 2013

Le Coq

I have to confess, I didn't even pause to read anything about the opening of this place in the summer, mentally placing it in the 'another forgettable rotisserie chicken restaurant' category.  But having read this report of a meal at Le Coq, it shot to the top of my restaurant list and I hastily made arrangements to visit in December.

Le Coq is a small neighbourhood type restaurant in Highbury and Islington.  It's no reservations, is a tiny dining room and is closed on Monday's so I feared we might be in for a long wait on the Tuesday evening we visited, but actually we only waited for around 20 minutes with a nice bottle of Reisling to keep us company.

The menu changes regularly, mostly on a weekly basis, you can check what's on via the website.   There are 2 starters to choose from and the accompaniments to the main event, rotisserie Sutton Hoo chicken are always interesting, these change weekly too.  Sides remain the same and there's always a choice of ice cream or a tart for pud.  I love the simplicity of it.  Here's what we ate:

 Starter 1 - raw smoked haddock with bergamot, really fishy but refreshing 
and fragrant with the citrusy hit of the fruit

 Starter 2 - we both preferred this, the roasted cauliflower, grumulo 
and pomegranate salad.  The creamy dressing was tangy and earthy 
with a subtle curry flavour, so so good.

Main course - the chicken came with brussel sprouts, pancetta and polenta.
Gravy is served on the side in a little jug, and it's excellent.  A nice sprinkling
of parsley on top, succulent meat and amazing veggies.  LOVED IT.

Sides - we couldn't resist the rotisserie potatoes for an extra £3.75.  We were beaten
 though because we also got the bread (£2.50) to mop up 
the gravy but both sides were brilliant, a lovely peppery
 green olive oil also came with the bread.

We shared the amalfi lemon and ginger tart for dessert, 
lovely and tart with a splodge of creme fraiche on the side.

The service was lovely and for such great quality food the price of £17 for 2 courses, or £22 for 3 is an absolute bargain.  Wines are mostly between £20 and £30, also great value.  I can't recommend the place enough, it's one of the nicest meals I've had this year.

Since this meal, I have done nothing but rave about the place, asking all my friends if they've been, or if they want to go, I cannot wait for a return visit.

294 St Paul's Road
Highbury & Islington

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