Monday, 30 June 2014

Fera at Claridges

Another of the most anticipated meals of my time in London was dinner at Simon Rogan's new restaurant at Claridge's.  It was epic.  The make over the room has undergone left it almost unrecognizable as the same room Gordon Ramsey occupied until late last year.  In true Rogan style, the meal was dazzling. I won't bang on, beyond saying we showed some restraint and went for the 10 courses, instead of the 13 courser, at £95 per person.  Here's what we ate:-

 Ox eye daisy and smoked eel, puffed wheat

 Top: mackerel, seawater cream and caviar
Bottom: Stewed rabbit with lovage

THE BEST THING EVER: winslade, potato and duck heart
Essentially cheese soup

 BREAD!!  With mushroom broth, a surprisingly modest bread course

Raw beef, smoked broccoli cream,
scallop roe and apple juice 

Prawns from Gairloch, pickled alexander, 
asparagus, shellfish butter. 

Monkfish, sweetheart cabbage, sea purslane and 
black saison (yes, I dropped my phone in it) 
 Goosnargh duck, yellow bean puree, leek and hyssop

Pineapple weed, butterscotch and celery 
(there's actual celery in there, not cool)

Iced sorrel, nitro sweet cheese and apple

Clockwise from top left: sweet cicely cake, soda blackberry,
blackberry and lemon verbena and smoked meringue

All very beautiful and all very delicious.  Simon was there delivering the odd dish, not to our table unfortunately.  There's an air of opulence, obviously, including a gold tree in the centre of the room.  I'm so fortunate to have had the chance to go, thanks to Art for booking, and for tolerating my drunkenness yet again, and providing a bed for the night when I missed the last train home to Kent. 

Claridge's Hotel
Brook St

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