Sunday, 20 July 2014

Liverpool House

Kind of a mini post really, on the best meal I've had so far in Montreal, fittingly on my birthday, at Liverpool House, part of the Joe Beef group.
The summer terrasse had just opened and we had a long bench in the garden surrounded by the restaurant herb garden. 
Drinks to start included a fruity punch in a kilner jar and aperol spritz. I had a spritz, the weather was perfect and it seemed like the right thing to do.  To start I ordered the foie gras parfait with rhubarb jelly.  

It was incredible.  People here are crazy about, tartare, oysters, lobster and foie gras.  There isn't a restaurant that doesn't feature at least one of the these in my experience so far anyhow.  It's not strictly true obviously, there are plenty of vegan restaurants, and I've promised a friend that I'll go to one when I'm back from my upcoming trip to London.  Oh god.
The bread was a little boring but the parfait itself was so good that it didn't matter.  The jelly was a nice addition to cut the rich creaminess in both texture and flavor.  Loved it. 
My main was shared with Lee and was the slow roast shoulder of lamb for 2.  It was served on wilted leaves with chilli, radish, yoghurt and a side of tabbouleh.  It was amazing.  Too much for 2, huge portions is their thing, the lobster spaghetti is ridiculous.

Dessert (mine was free as it was my bday!) was some kind of pineapple pound cake with ice cream.  Nice sponge, not much else to say.  Better than I'm making it sound obviously. There was a sparkler in it, I was too happy to take a pic.
The one thing I would whinge about (there always has to be something) is that if you sit in the garden, then there's no menu, everything is on the chalkboards indoors.  So you need to go inside and literally stand in front of someone's table while you read it, and it's looooong, or rely on the waiter remembering everything.  I trust that he did a good job.  Can't wait to go to Joe Beef, booked in when Em's here in August. 
Wine recommendations both white and red were brilliant, service was lovely and I see why this trio of restaurants are continually dubbed the best in town, definitely the best I've eaten here so far.  Not a cheap night out but worth the spend.  We ate and drank LOADS and paid around $120 each (I think, my buds wouldn't let me pay).
2501 Rue Notre-Dame W
Little Burgundy
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