Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Vampires and Nigella

Finally, after fighting against technical and transatlantic issues, my boyfriend and I were able to watch the True Blood season finale last night!!!!!!!!! Whilst eating Thai green curry, what better way to spend an evening? (The curry btw, was a slightly adapted version of Nigella’s curry in a hurry from Nigella Express and we both agreed was a great success).

Back to television, it was hugely entertaining; there were even tears (from me of course, but there often are to be honest so that’s no measure of quality TV). The only disappointment being that we are left with soooo many cliffhangers. Where’s Lafayette? Did Bill feed on him? What’s with Maryanne? Is she a shape-shifter and how does she know Sam? Why does Sam have a stash of cash and was he making a hasty getaway? Has Jason really become a born again Christian? How annoying is Jessica and what will Sookie make of her return to Bill?
The closing credits promised the new series will air next summer, how will we bare the wait? It will be torturous. However, it could have been an awful lot worse I suppose.

General consensus on message boards and the like is that as grand finales go, it was a bit of a disappointment and I will concede that more could have been made of the main event where the killer was killed by our heroine. I mean, Bill was melting! Picture this if you will: A vampire, attempting to save his human girlfriend from the clutches a crazed murderer, in a graveyard, whilst at the same time being reduced to cinders because he’s ventured out of his coffin and braved the sunlight. It was very intense but in conclusion could have been even more dramatic.
One of the initial attractions to the programme are the opening titles. Jace Everett’s ‘Bad Things’ is a rousing song which kick starts each episode with its infectious riff. The official soundtrack to the show, when released, is set to be amazing. Roll on summer 2009!

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