Friday, 21 November 2008


Last night I ventured to Fitzrovia. I used to work in this area and upon my return I am suitably impressed by developments. There are several places of interest in the vicininty, Lantana, a brunch/lunch Aussie cafe about which I have read many positive things, Charity shops on Goodge Street, El Burrito - a new and very popular (queues sprawling outside daily come 1pm) Mexican eatery, Busaba Eathai - far less croweded than the Wardour St branch and a mere 5 minutes walk away, and, as I learnt yesterday, a fine little street, Torrington Place, with a Patisserie Valerie and a Planet Organic. Very unexpected.
I was in the area to meet my boyfriend for some after work refreshment in the good company of his Birkbeck university classmates.
I met them at The Marlborough Arms, a pub described as 'A haunt for members of academia'. I had been warned that conversation would largely revolve around computer programming and related topics and so came prepared to look very interested and engrossed in conversation whilst allowing my mind to wander.....what's for dinner? What shall I wear tomorrow?
Some confusion arose when upon hearing the acronym PDA I foolishly assumed they were referring to public displays of affection, in actual fact they meant Personal Digital Assistant, of course, how stupid of me!

That said I had an immensely enjoyable evening and the pub provided a refreshingly relaxed environment in comparison to most others in Central London being busy enough to maintain ambience whilst also securing seating!
The evening's only downpoints were

1) feeling the (slightly tipsy) need to defend my fondness for reality television?

I've not been following this series of I'm a Celebrity however I seem strangely aware and up-to-date with the latest happenings. This is also true of most soaps.

2) Travel difficulties thanks to the ticket machines at Warren Street

3) The kebabs purchased and consumed upon arriving home knowing full well that this would result in a feeling akin to food poisoning the morning after. It always seems like a good idea at the time...... One week we had 3 in 7 days. At this point we realised enough is enough and this has to stop. The guys in the kebab shop knew who we were. The shame! Last night returning to the scene of our crime felt very wrong and we knew it. I talk myself into the 'if I have halloumi and salad in pitta, it's not quite so bad is it?' school of thought. Silly girl.
In conclusion, next time I'm back in Fitzrovia I hope it will be for a spot of organic grocery shopping or brunch of the antipodian variety though I have a feeling I'll be seeing a lot more of the Marlborough Arms in the coming months.

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