Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Pasta Brown

For lunch I went to Pasta Brown with Patrick and Rob. I’ve never been before but have noted with interest on a number of occasions that they often have a plate of what look like croutons on a table outside. I’m not sure whether this is likely to tempt a passer-by in for a meal but it’s a nice touch I suppose.

The staff were very attentive and the service pleasingly prompt considering the mid lunchtime rush and they were almost full.

I went for the spaghetti pomodorino which was good, the pasta cooked well and the sauce, with a dozen or so cherry tomatoes, was pleasantly sweet yet tangy but was lacking something. A spicy note would not have gone amiss but the scattering of fresh basil and parmesan lifted the dish beyond dull. A solid choice I thought.

I was somewhat disappointed to see no salads on the menu (except for the side salad and mozzarella and tomato starter). They guys both opted for Pizzas which looked pretty decent and there were certainly no complaints from them.

All options are incredibly reasonably priced and there was no qualm when we requested a jug of tap water. They even presented us with a plate of cheesy, garlicky bread “on the house” which was a little oily for my liking but a very nice touch.

Pasta Brown claim to be offering ‘authentic Italian made foods, wines and smooth vibes’ and there can be no arguments on the food front, (I’m not so certain about the smooth vibes but then I’m not generally in search of any kind of vibes come lunchtime).

Their strength lies in impeccable customer service and super value for money. I was slightly alarmed by the presence of 2 police officers quizzing the maitre’d at the door as we left, perhaps they were looking for the croutons (which were not making an appearance today). The maitre’d, however, was not bothered by them in the slightest, bidding us goodbye and thanking us for our custom as we breezed by.

Pasta Brown
35/36 Bow Street

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