Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Snow (and more Pizza)

Snow based fun was, of course, to be had last night, Thomas and I made a snowman on the roof! It’s a flat roof which handily doubles as a ‘roof terrace’ in months where the weather is finer. In the absence of a carrot a strategically placed stick of celery worked just as well as the nose.

Very pleased with our efforts we head back inside for more pizza, we still had some of the dough in the fridge and, although obviously identical in ingredients to the first batch, the extra day had improved the overall taste of the base. We made one slightly bigger pizza with the same toppings as pizza number 1 from my previous pizza post.

It was even better this time, we loaded it with cheese and added rocket when served. The edges got slightly crispier and the centre seemed less soggy.

By morning said snowman had collapsed! My snowman making skills clearly more in need of fine-tuning than my dough kneading ones!

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