Monday, 3 August 2009

Jamon Jamon

This is my 100th post!

On Saturday evening, some old friends and I head out to camden in search of somewhere to line our stomachs before a heavy night of drinking and dancing to some cheesy 80's tunes at the jazz cafe.

Jamon Jamon is where we wound up, tapas meaning there's something for everyone. Geoff, Dave and I did the ordering and started us off was a couple of jugs of sangria. This was a bit rough to be honest, but I've yet to try a sangria that I thought was genuinely good. Perhaps I'm just not a fan. The waitress suggested several times that we might like to try this, she was possibly a bit too pushy about it but, otherwise, service was polite and we'd neglected to book so we were in luck to be accommodated at 8pm on a Saturday.

The best dish for me was the pimientos de padron. I got all mild ones, it's a bit of a lottery heat wise, some very fiery.

The chorizo was average, cooked in olive oil and red wine served on a bed of roasted red peppers, quite spicy but a tad over cooked. All dishes came fairly swiftly after ordering, except for the paella which the menu warns will take 20 minutes to prepare. We'd finished everything else by the time it arrived and it was hugely disappointing. Dry, and at the same time stodgy with a meagre amount of fish and chicken. The 2 large prawns were the only saving grace, but there were 6 of us.

A selection of other dishes were unremarkable, croquettas, chicken and blue cheese varieties lacked flavour. Garlic mushrooms were a little better in a potent garlic butter and the marinated meatballs in a white wine sauce were very tender. The deep fried battered tiger prawns were fine, but I fail to see how battering a shell and eating only the meat within in it can be a good idea. There's a reason that shell on prawns are usually served simply as they are or with a marinade.

The octopus in a spicy tomato sauce was ok at best, there was at least a fair kick to the sauce but again the actual fish was overcooked. They have the right idea here but there is an apparent carelessness resulting in dishes lacking depth of flavour. Perhaps we ought to have ordered some jamon.

The biggest disappointment for me was the pan con tomato. A white 'bake from frozen' baguette with a sodden faintly tomatoey top, one piece was black and frankly should not have been served.

If a little more care and attention went into the sourcing of products and the preparation of the dishes here they could be onto a good thing, Camden Parkway is a good location for a restaurant but with the far superior Del Parc just a 5 minute bus ride North I am unlikely to return here.

Jamon Jamon
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Dan said...

Interesting review Boo. Camden is quite the gastronomic wasteland - you may have hear me moaning about it on twitter. Ive just moved back to an office there after two years in Clerkenwell. This place does nothing to dispel that image - although Ive just seen your Del Parc review and that place looks cracking!.

Have you tried the Gordon Ramsay GastroPub at the Regents Park end of Parkway?

As a sidenote - love padron peppers.

Boo said...

I'm yet to try Gordon's place, thanks for the recommendation Dan, will check it out.

Yeah Camden is not so great for restaurants, you must have been gutted to have to leave Clerkenwell, a mate also recently moved office from there to South Bank.

Padron peppers are brilliant. You should definitely check out Del Parc, it's a hidden gem, i'm fortunate to live really closeby.

Gourmet Chick said...

Looks like we are celebrating blog milestones at the same time - congrats on 100 posts! And I have made a mental note to avoid jamon jamon...

Kake said...

Happy hundredth!

Boo said...

Thanks Kake and GC!

Dagger said...

Classic harsh but fair. Don't kow how you remembered all that detail after the 2 jugs of Sangria and 8 rounds of shots later! Very impressed by the blog though. I'll be checking back soon for the next review!

Boo said...

Thanks Dagz! Kid outed me to everyone. Glad you agree.