Sunday, 3 January 2010

Byron Burgers

Finally finally finally I managed to venture to Byron Hamburger's new (at least it was in November) branch in Soho on the site of the former Intrepid Fox, a venue which has long been asking for a new owner.

I did fear that it might not live up to my expectations as it had been so long coming but I was impressed with both the quality of the patty and the general dining experience at Byron.

When the Soho branch first opened I tweeted @byronhamburger enquiring about the launch week but I was unable to make it due to work commitments. I was even more dismayed by Thomas' multiple visits without me due to the close proximity to Byron of his Sheraton Street office. Outrageous.

At last, a quiet work day when I managed to nip out for lunch. The cheeseburger with Gruyere and courgette fries proved well worth the wait.

The fries were piping hot and delivered later than the burgers and Thomas' regular fries. They were great though, a welcome alternative to the potato chip, I'm not a huge fan of skinny fries preferring the fatter kind so this was ideal for me, light batter and chunky vegetable, a side capable of making me feel virtuous even whilst eating a burger!

The burger itself was moist and cooked perfectly medium, with a nice char to the exterior, the lettuce, tomato and cheese all hit the spot providing crunch, juice and oozing melted dairyness. The toasted bun too did not offend me as it does others, it was good, though whilst I agree the use of brioche with seeds might be preferable, I do admire the fact that Byron stick to their guns where the bap is concerned.

Thomas had the Byron burger, with the addition of bacon, as he does each time he visits, we ate in virtual silence, always a sign of enjoyment. The service was competent and pleasant and despite the fact that the place was heaving, I was back at my desk within the hour, even with the 10 minute walking time to and from Covent Garden. As fine a burger as you're likely to sample anywhere in Central London. I'll definitely be back.

Byron Hamburger @ The Intrepid Fox
97 Wardour St

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neil said...

Definitely the best out of the whole gourmet burger bunch. My only gripe is the fries/chips thing.

Twice I've said chips and just wanted fries and got charged an extra £3 for something I didn't actually want. I don't get why they just couldn't settle on one kind of fried potato based side dish.

Also the open kitchen is a little grubby and disorganized to be an open kitchen in the kingston branch anyway.

Still great burgers which I guess is the point.

Lizzie said...

But Neil, some people like fat chips and some people like skinny fries. What's wrong with offering both?

I really like Byron - their courgette fries are great too.

Anonymous said...

Their milkshakes are amazing too

Kerri said...

I really like Byron too, I think it's a great burger for the money.

I tried to go to the Westfield branch after a rather intensive bout of sale shopping recently but they'd run out of burgers. I almost cried. The M&S sandwich just didn't cut it.

Boo said...

Neil and Lizzie - best to offer both but obv very annoying if you were served the wrong thing.

Must try the shakes too anonymous, thanks!

Kerri - well done on tackling the Westfield sales, an activity surely worthy of a burger as reward. A sandwich just doesn't quite hit the same spot!

Greedy Diva said...

I love Byron too! So jealous that you can walk there for a work day lunch - dangerous! I love fat chips too (although it's not fashionable for us to admit it).

Helen said...

I'm not going to say a word about buns. Really, I'm not.

The Happiness Experiment London said...

Great post - I love love love a good burger, in fact finding the best burger in London is one of my NY resolutions!!! Think GBK is overrated and Grand Union is very good but too big and messy, you can't pick it up in your hands. I've heard good things about Byron and this post definitely makes me want to go soon (after post Xmas diet finishes...)!


Boo said...

Greedy Diva - Hi! Thanks for the comment, it is most definitely a bad thing working in close proximity, I can see it becoming a weekly occurrence! Yay to fat chips

Helen - I think you've said quite enough!

The Happiness Experiment London - oh yes, post Xmas diet! Forgot all about that. There's always next year! I must try Grand Union, I've read good things. In the search for London's best burger Byron is a must try, also Hawksmoor, most people's winner.

MaximoLarry said...


foodbymark said...

Bap vs. Seeded Brioche... or sweetened bun of some kind please.

:) I just wrote this up too!

Boo said...

Ooh, I'll take a look now....