Wednesday, 20 January 2010


I really am not in the position to talk about pizza restaurants in London owing to the fact that I have not visited either the inimitable Franco Manca, long reigning champ of the best pizza in London competition, or the new pretender Pizza East. This is something I hope to rectify following payday, damn you January.

Take out or home delivery pizza on the other hand, is something I feel more confident about, I once had to order an emergency Dominos following a couple of no carb days at the height of the Atkins phenomenon, nothing else would do.

Thankfully I follow no such silly fad diets these days and shall be eternally grateful to Firezza for opening a branch in Crouch End which delivers to N19, my hood! Cue 2 pizza orders in as many days, Ive sampled several of their offerings, a couple of sides and found all to be excellent. Sadly Tufnell Park seems to be lacking good takeaways, with the exception of the great Tiffin Tin 2 doors down the road (hurrah!).

The best so far has to be the chorizo and sweet pepper pizza, they serve them by the half metre and the boxes are quite enormous. It's clear that the standard of ingredients is high and the choice is extensive. The one gripe I would have is that the first order was on the wrong side of warm when it arrived but I forgave them as it was one of the coldest snow days of the year.

In short, I will without doubt be ordering these on a perhaps slightly too regular basis and with locations all over London they trounce the competition hands down provide the best home delivery pizzas I have ever sampled.

Apologies for the crap picture but it was a mere afterthought so enraptured was I when eating the thing.

10 Ferme Park Road
Crouch End
N4 4ED
020 83 41 00 99


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foodbymark said...

Pizza by the half metre?! Blimey, talk about carb loading. The closest decent pizza place to us here is Pizza East, a 10 minute bus ride or I suppose roughly the same on a bike, if I rode my fixie project. I've heard Firezza are really good though and I think they started delivering to Islington just after we moved from the area. No one but Papa John's and Domino's delivers around here in Bow...

Boo said...

I know! They mean business. I Absolutely CANNOT wait to try Pizza East!

pizzachrouchend said...

There is another great pizza delivery chain in Crouch End - Pizza Lupa. They've been named The Best Independent Pizza Delivery Operator in the UK. Their pizzas are made by hand and I was absolutely amazed by their fresh and unique ingredients. They also deliver pizza in West Hampstead, Canary Wharf and London Bridge areas.