Tuesday, 16 March 2010


Bizarrely, I felt the need for ice cream on a particularly cold Saturday in March. As luck would have it I was in Covent Garden so took myself and the girls along to Scoop for gelato.

I've been wanting to visit for sometime but due to the ridiculously long queues in the summer have never been. I did struggle to actually hold and eat the ice cream on such a cold day but it was well worth the brain freeze. The flavours I tried were pistachio puro di Bronte (made using nuts from Bronte, a town near Sicily) and caramel. Both were similar in colour which caused me a little confusion but both were delightfully creamy and strong in flavour. I got a tub with 2 scoops for £2.50.

Very nice, slightly more satisfying on a scorcher of a day I imagine if you can be arsed to brave those lenghty queues. Good news is that a second venue in Soho is imminent.

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Kerri said...

I've been craving ice-cream lately too, far too good to only eat in Summer!

I remember reading about this place last year but didn't actually make it, thanks for the reminder.

Gourmet Chick said...

Icecream is for all year round in my view!

Boo said...

Kerri - definitely worth checking out, the variety is great.

GC - totally agree usually but I couldn't feel my hands. Should have taken a seat and eaten in rather than wandering around in the cold! Next time.

Anonymous said...