Friday, 5 March 2010

Italian Graffiti

One Saturday I found myself roaming the streets of Soho in want of some eats with mother dearest. We'd just been to see Gorgeous George in Up in the Air. I'd expected to hate it. I didn't hate it but I found myself thinking about what we might eat for dinner for approximately 80 of the 90 minutes. I'm outraged it's nominated for 6 Oscars.

Anyhow, it's always quite tricky when eating with my Mum, she's not the most patient of people, neither am I when I'm hungry, like mother like daughter! No queues then. We mooched up Wardour Street, it was cold, pretty late and we wandered into Italian Graffiti. (Do check out the website, it's funny, what is that music!?)

So we were seated immediately, service is pretty good, the place is overwhelmingly loud, awful acoustics, we could barely hear each other. I ordered the salad tricolore and Mum had the special salad.

Basic, simple, no frills food is what to expect here. The salad was pretty bog standard, the sort of thing you could rustle up with your eyes closed at home. Better was the pizza bread which comes with each salad. It had a good umami rich tomato sauce and a nice charred crust. A fairly generous amount too, we got 1 basket each.

We went for a carafe of pinto grigio and couldn't resist desserts, I had the interestingly spelled bonoffi pie and Mama went for the creme caramel, her ultimate favourite. I was impressed with the quality of the puds actually. Again though lacking a wow factor. Cheap at least, totalling less than £30.

An evening of low expectations and underwhelming performances.

Italian Graffiti
163 Wardour Steet

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Lizzie said...

I've always been wary about ordering anything to do with fresh tomatoes in the middle of winter. Italian Graffiti used to be a regular lunch spot for me, I like their pizzas.