Thursday, 16 September 2010

Wright Brothers

A few weekends ago, fools that we are, we visited Borough Market, on a Saturday afternoon. Needed a rest pretty much as soon as we got there and went for a celebratory oysters and champagne treat at Wright Brothers following some good work related news.

We went for a selection of half a dozen rock oysters (our visit being at the tail end of August shortly before natives are at their best) consisting of 2 Speciale de claire (French), 2 Carlingford Lough (Irish) and 2 Dorset rocks (British). These were served with the usual accompaniments of a lemon wedge and diced shallots in red wine vinegar.

Our preference from the selection was the French, far right in the picture. These were visually very different, a deeper shell and a fatter mollusc, the depth of flavour was incredible, they were very creamy and we were off to an amazing start, the Irish and English varieties just didn't live up these.

The selection was reasonably priced at £12. we also ordered a couple of glasses of rose prosecco, and some lovely rye bread, sourdough and ginger bread was also presented.

Browsing the menu online I am really looking forward to my next visit to sample some of the other offerings, I really liked the relaxed yet luxurious vibe of the place and note with interest they're soon to open a new restaurant on Kingly Street, that bit closer to work.

11 Stoney Street
Borough Market


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miss mary said...

Sounds fantastic, but don't give up on Borough market just yet - it's such a fab place if you time it right. Either go really early in the morning or on a week day for less exhausting results...

Laura Nickoll said...

Lovely post. Oysters and champagne - the perfect way to celebrate. I'm a big fan of Bentley's and J Sheekey for a spot of indulgence, but have yet to try the Wright Brothers. Might try to take our 3-month-old along, as it's high time for a bivalve treat, particularly a good value one.

Boo said...

Miss Mary - thanks for the comment, I won't give up on it entirely, I really wish the market was open on Sunday's as it's just not possible for me to visit weekdays. Thankfully Wright Brothers are open all week!

Laura - I agree, I had the most amazing shellfish platter at Sheekeys Oyster Bar, brilliantly indulgent. I'd definitely recommend Wright Brothers, high time you introduced your little one to the delights!