Sunday, 6 February 2011

Ten Ten Tei

I remember chuckling reading this post about Ten Ten Tei a while back, some things never change it seems and that pesky door is still traumatising diners. Being yelled at when you enter a restaurant isn't the best of starts but it is still chilly so we let it go!

Loved the food at Ten Ten Tei and will definitely be back. I had the soba tempura lunch which comes with a couple of maki rolls with avocado and some miso soup on the side. Unlimited green tea as is the custom in many non-chain sushi eateries, all this for less than £10. The revelation for me was the fried agedashi tofu, so silky and delicious, I was always a fan of tofu anyway but now I am officially in love with it.

The things that make Ten Ten Tei stand out for me are the quality of the added extras, the miso is amazing, the pickled ginger isn't hot pink in colour and the wasabi is properly nose tingling with only a minimal amount. Awesome.

The temaki were also of a high standard, fish so tender and vibrant in flavour, I've not been able to stop thinking about it since. My soba tempura was a pretty poor choice, tempura in soup will of course turn into a soggy mess and the stock was scaldingly hot. Luckily my companion allowed me a few bites of his. Next visit I'd like to sit at the bar, and will likely order sashimi. Speaks volumes that I'm already counting down the hours until I'll be back at work in Soho.

Ten Ten Tei
56 Brewer Street

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Gregory said...

Ten Ten Tei is hard to beat..... thanks for reminding me of it as I really should get back there for the straight forward no messing around approach.

Boo said...

it's great isn't it? I'm into sushi in a big way right now.