Thursday, 24 February 2011

Wright Bros (Soho)

I was so happy to hear that Wright Bros were opening in Soho, so convenient for me as I work there. Not that Borough is much of a trek, but I'm glad there's somewhere in the immediate area to become that go to place when all that will do is a shellfish supper. Such was my faith in these guys. I love the small original venue and it's rustic charm. I was hoping the bigger shiny new restaurant would retain much of this ethos and I first visited last week to find out.

I booked an 8pm table online weeks and weeks ago in early January. Having trouble locating the confirmation email last week I mailed the info address to confirm the booking. They denied all knowledge of it and said they could only offer a much earlier booking on a shared table. I declined. Then, on the day of my supposed booking, they called to confirm my online reservation. Having not made any other arrangements I played along.

We arrived about 20 minutes early and I mentioned the emailed denial of my booking which was brushed off as an easy mistake to make. We were told that our table was not ready (despite there being plenty of empty tables upstairs) then informed it would be too complicated for us to have a drink at another table whilst waiting for the bar seating to free up. So we trotted off to the pub next door for a half, returned at 8 to find the seats still not available. We were permitted to wait in the bar this time.

I'd forgotten just how much of a debacle this was. The seats became free about 20 minutes later and I'd pretty much forgotten about this until now. But it was all very unsatisfactory.

Of the food, the oyster selection, crab, smoked mackerel pâté, cheese and chocolate pot were all really very good. Though all I will remember of the evening is the reservation and seating shambles. I guess it's sort of still early days for this new venture but with the place far from full I fear how they might cope on busier days. I don't think I'll bother to find out.

Wright Bros (Soho)
13 Kingly St


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