Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Nid Ting, Holloway Road

Clichéd Saturday evening entertainment = dinner and movie.

I did exactly this a couple of weekends ago with a visit to Nid Ting on Holloway Road followed by the Inbetweeners. Both proved to be underwhelming.

The restaurant was pretty busy with a steady flow of diners, it's a handy location for pre or post cinema dining just along the road from the Odeon. Which is perhaps the only positive thing I can find to say about the spot. Service was efficient and friendly, we'd not booked and were deftly accommodated.

Starters were solid yet unimaginative, prawn toast, dim sum-esque dumplings and spring rolls all prettily presented and generous in portion. The table dining next to us asked for 'spring rolls for 3' to start and got the giggles when 3 of the below (minus the arm) were presented, rookie error and spring roll overload.

I opted for the lamb massaman curry from the specials for main course. I really liked the sauce, mild and sweet, sprinkled with red chilli and peanuts and bulked up with potatoes but the lamb was tough and would have benefited from a longer slower cook.

Other mains were well received, the red chicken curry and a fiercely hot chicken stir fry with tonnes of chilli. There seemed to be a contingent of faithful regular diners appearing throughout the evening to a rapturous reception, Nid Ting is a safe but not out of the ordinary local find. They have an extensive menu, which I found it very tricky to select from, and prices are average (between £7 and £12 for mains).

I'll probably stick to Charuwan in future.

Nid Ting
533 Holloway Road

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Lizzie said...

Those starters look like they went straight out of the freezer and straight into the deep fat fryer...

Boo said...

Bleurgh! I'm feeling a bit queasy tonight, reliving this meal isn't helping me right now!

gary robinson said...

Shame the meal in real life was as appetising as the photos! I have heard their claypot fish trap soup isn't bad, but probably not worth the trip back anytime soon...

Anonymous said...

Just went, and it was great. The chicken Red curry was best I've had since Thailand, and beef garlic basil chilli thing was great. Though spare ribs starter wasn't that good. Maybe they're not good at noodles, but good at the rice curries?
Definitely going back. the deep fried ice cream was pretty awesome too, if unhealthy...

Anonymous said...

for your information