Thursday, 19 July 2012

Patty & Bun @ The Endurance

Today is the last day these bad boys will be available at The Endurance, so you don't have long to get down there.  I did last Thursday with Sue and John and it was rammed with people, mostly standing.

They offer a small but perfectly formed menu, consisting of 4 burgers, a veggie option and a few sides, I opted for the Ari Gold cheeseburger (£7), inspired by pictures I'd seen on their website.  Far superior to the typical burger available in London pubs, this was seriously juicy and smokey.  John's Smokey Robinson (at £8, the most expensive option) was declared the winner of the night, best burger he's ever had apparently.  Be warned though, they're messy.  Chips were nice too. 

For me these offerings did not quite match up to my favourite versions, but I was pretty hungover following a late one on Wednesday at Trisha's and foolishly had a Byron for lunch ahead of this visit.  This may have adversely affected my enjoyment.  It ticked all the boxes, good tasting meat, demi brioche bun, great oozy cheese and that smokey flavour does set it apart.  I think perhaps the abundance of decent burgers available in London now has left me feeling a tad indifferent.  But I mostly blame me for eating 2 in one day, whilst feeling a tad delicate.

What was to have been a 1 month pop up, has been extended slightly but it's the grand finale tonight, it's sure to be packed so get there early.  For 1 night only, Monday of next week, the Pizza Pilgrim chaps are teaming up with The Endurance for a night of piggy treats, think whole hog and baps, more info here.  Loving that The Endurance are getting involved in food events, their usual menu leans towards generic pub stuff and I look forward to what happens next.

Patty & Bun
@ The Endurance
90 Berwick St

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L'atelier des Chefs said...

I cannot believe I missed this. Burgers are my Achilles' heel and these babies are just so delicious-looking. I can just taste the smoky flavours, the oozing cheese and juices.

Laura Fitzpatrick said...

Ah shame, check out their website though, they're still around :)