Monday, 2 July 2012

Delhi Grill, Angel

So, I've just moved to Angel and now I'm only 5 minutes away from Delhi Grill, hurrah!  This was not the sole reason for the move, but was a definite plus.  Having eaten here on a Saturday night in May, I cannot wait to head back and work my way through the rest of the menu, and it's BYO.

We started with some poppadoms and chutneys, many of which were new to me and exciting to try.  From the left, mint raitha, mango chutney, red lentil and beetroot.  All great.

To start I opted for the paneer kebabs, best paneer I've ever had hands down.  Nicely charred and sizzling on the hot plate with a generous serving of tomato and onions for only £3.25.  Crappy picture due to the smoke still emitting from the hot plate.

For my main I went for the lamb rogan gosht which was rich and satisfying though I didn't detect much of a lamb flavour to the meat.  This dish is slow cooked for 2 hours and the meat, as a result, is amazingly tender.

Everybody had a starter and a main, we also shared a very light and fluffy naan, a roti and some rice, 2 of us drank beers and 2 of us soft drinks (me an excellent mango lassi) and the bill came to less than £70 in total. Rarely in London can 4 people eat so cheaply and so well for so little.  The one gripe I have is that the food is all served at once, the mains arrived when we'd barely touched the starters, and there wasn't enough room for it all on the table.  What's the hurry guys?

Think I'll be venturing down at lunchtime too, to grab a wrap from their mobile van which is parked daily on Chapel Market, feeding the lunching hordes.

Delhi Grill
21 Chapel Market

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Kavey said...

Oh you lucky lucky lucky... love their food and the team are so lovely as well.

Anonymous said...

best curry in north london! lets go again!

About Alice said...

This looks amazing!

Boo said...

Kavey - they're sweethearts aren't they? Should have mentioned that, of course. I am a lucky lady!

Anon - ok :)

AA - you must go, it was brilliant!

Kay @ Chopstix2Steaknives said...

I came here a few weeks ago and loved it. Such a gem!

Boo said...

Isn't it?! I've been back twice already! Becoming a bit of a habit :)