Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Bone Daddies

I popped into Bone Daddies last Tuesday to see what all the fuss was about.  London is in the midst of a ramen takeover, Tonkotsu, Ittenbari to name the first wave, there will be plenty more popping up, no doubt.

I really liked Bone Daddies and will definitely be back to try more.  I went for the classic tonkotsu variety, 20 hour pork bone broth with chashu pork slices and spring onion.  I also got an extra egg garnish because I have a thing about boiled eggs, £11 altogether.

The first sip of the broth was fragrant and smoky, it was just the thing to brighten one up on a cold dreary London day in December.  The wait wasn't even too bad, arriving at 7:30 we were seated by 8.  We were by the door though and with newcomers joining the queue and leaving the door open we repeatedly fell prey to a vicious draught. 

We snacked on some brilliant cabbage and miso (£2.50) and the fried chicken with lemon wedge (£5) whilst we waited for the ramen to arrive.  To drink, we opted for tap water and hot sweet sake, Ozeki Ginkan (Honjozo), £6 for 150ml. 

We had to ask for some napkins several times before they materialized, and it was too late for my cream silk top which ended the meal with several splatters, this says more about my appalling handling of chopsticks than anything though.  Otherwise, service was friendly and relaxed.

I preferred this bowl to the equivalent at Tonkotsu and can't wait to try the tantanmen ramen, a spicier broth with minced meat.  Australian chef Ross Shonhan has clearly done a lot of research into the items on the menu here and it's paid off.  The food feels very authentic and the atmosphere of the place is in keeping with current London trends, loud music, bright and garish decor etc.  If the unanimously positive early reviews are a sign of successes to come, we might even see expansion of the brand, and I for one will definitely be seeing a lot more of the place. 

Bone Daddies
31 Peter Street

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Miss Maurice said...
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Miss Maurice said...

Great review! And glad you liked the place! Will certainly go try this one out after your write up

Laura x