Sunday, 30 December 2012


Newcomer to the MEAT empire, MEATmission is (for the next week or so, or until word properly gets out) your best way procuring a beloved MEATliquor/ MEATmarket burger without the hassle of queueing.  When I visited a couple of weeks ago there was no sign of a queue all evening.  

They offer many of the same food stuffs and way more beyond what we're used to.  The menu is split into inna bun, onna plate and bits and pieces and we had to try the monkey fingers (£7) from latter section.  Marinated and battered chicken fillets served with blue cheese sauce which was sadly absent from our tray but delivered upon request.  These were magnificent, tangy and not greasy in the slightest.  Wickedly moreish and a brilliant addition bolstering an already strong repertoire of trashy delights.   

The onna plate section of the menu sees an introduction of such delights as red in bread, chilli con carne served in an edible bread bowl then covered with cheese, onions, mustard and jalapenos, and the garbage plates, available in either chilli, beef or roast beef incarnations.  They are a lot of food, so on this occasion we skipped them and moved swiftly onto burgers.

This beauty is the bacon cheeseburger (£7), also new to me.  I've always gone for the dead hippie before, but this is definitely worth a look in.  A round almost caramelised bacon slice perches on top of the patty, which, for me, still has the tastiest char around.  Red onions, oozing cheese, lettuce, mustard and ketchup rounding it all off nicely.  We had plenty of cocktails throughout the evening, starting with the pinot grinchio a refreshing white wine and apple combo served with a minty candy cane.  We both also had fries and paid only £27.50 each, it's still a right bargain. 

The usual MEAT rules apply for the time being, turn up and queue, but this will change at MEATmission in 2013.  You'll actually be able to book.  You'll be able to take out during off peak hours but they'll be closed Sunday and Monday.  I love everything about all of them,  I've said it before and I say it again now, these are my favourite burgers in London.  Go before it gets mental.

14-16 Hoxton Market
Shoredicth, N1

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Lucy Andrews said...

Wow this looks epic. will check it out. Check out this, really want to go to this bacon festival in Kansas!

Anonymous said...

Omg these monkey fingers are amazing
Btw i love your blog!!