Tuesday, 4 June 2013


I have to confess, I’m not a huge fan of Korean cuisine, whenever I’ve had it it’s been lots of uninteresting little things in bowls but perhaps I’ve not been to the right places.  Granted, I thought Koba was alright and I love a bibimbap, so I’m not writing it off.

Sue and I were well on our way to getting drunk on Sunday afternoon and thought we should eat.  Honestly, the sole reason Bibigo took our fancy is because Psy is plastered all over the exterior of the place with a pose much akin to the Kitchener ‘your country needs you’ posters.  We’re easy targets, were drunk and found it hilarious.

Anyhow, they offer an incredibly reasonable lunch club menu of 2 courses for £9.  We both opted for the calamari to start which was billed as spicy and wasn’t, nice coating though and good quality squid, we were happy enough.

For main I chose the bo ssäm which is sliced belly pork served with a nice soybean dip, kimchi and cucumber.  The dip made it and I was really plesantly suprised.  It’s not really enough to fill you up so you kind of need to order sides too which ups the cost, but it’s still excellent value.  We got a side salad and a bowl of rice. Sue was pleased with her scallop dish which comes with roe and truffle yuzu dressing.

I’ll definitely be back to try more and I now have a lotta love for Korean food, the small plate thing is still annoying though, much like Psy.

58 Great Marlborough Street

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