Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Soho Diner

I had a couple of Friday afternoons off in July and both times I head to Soho Diner as soon as I got out of work.  Luckily bagging outside tables in the sun on both occasions, eating this beauty.

Soho Diner is brought to us by the people behind Electric Diner on Portobello Road. The new Soho restaurant is smaller with a more compact menu but each item on it is appealing.

Burgers, single - 2 patties, or double - 3 patties are really good value at £7 and £10 respectively and they can be pimped with bacon, egg and avocado at no extra cost.

The bacon was some of the nicest I've ever had. Burger and bun are good, no fuss, it's simple and to many, probably not close to burger perfection, but, for me, it's one of the finest available in the price range.

The cheese too is exactly what you want. Nice amounts of ketchup and mustard and a gherkin comes with. We also ordered the fries which come with aioli, £4.

I've had glasses of prosecco on both visits which I think is my only grumble, the quantity is on the miserly side for £6 a glass. A coke also came in mini form at regular price. There's the curious offer of cocktails on tap which I'm highly suspicious of.

I witnessed someone eating the mac & cheese which looked and smelled wonderful.  With the large open frontage, it's a great summer spot. There's a small brunch menu at weekends, I'll definitely back for more burgers and I need that mac & cheese in my life.

Soho Diner
19-21 Old Compton Street

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