Monday, 8 July 2013

The Delaunay

It was my birthday in June, every year I have a birthday brunch with the girls, this year at The Delaunay 

The Corbin and King's run restaurant is home to quite a bizarre menu to be honest, a mixed bag of German/Austrian dishes alongside a seafood section, à la carte dishes and traditional breakfast fare.  I actually like there being a lot to choose from, most new openings these days being quite the opposite with either no choice at all, or a small limited menu.  The downside of a vast myriad of choice being that it took us around 30 minutes to make a decision.

We weren't rushed though and it felt like just the right amount of time before the first course arrived, Nibs and I had some Carlingford Lough rock oysters £2.45 each, served with all the usual accompaniments and some buttered bread.   Kid had a muffin.

I plumped for the classic brunch dish of kedgeree, £12, which was a ballsy version.  It was particularly rich, I was well and truly beaten.  It was packing a punch too with a very generous amount of hot curry powder.  Perfectly poached egg on the top.  Look at it!  That's a lot of rice.

Both of the girls went for 2 wieners for £9.65 which come with sauerkraut and potato salad.  You have a choice of sausages, Frankfurter, Bockwurst, Thüringer, Nürnberger, Käsekrainer or Berner-Würstel.  The biggest hit was probably the kasekrainer, filled with cheese. 

We were all impressed with the food.  The setting is rather grand and there's an impressive air to the place, as soon as you approach the hefty front door the place looks the part.  We began with a glass of Prosecco each and moved on to a white, carafe measures available, always nice to see.

I was presented with a nice little plate of sweets as a birthday treat, chocolate, Turkish delight and marshmallows. A cute touch.  I'd like to come back for dinner.

The Delaunay
55 Aldwych

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