Thursday, 12 September 2013

Koya Bar

Everyone loves Koya.  I don't think I know a single person with a bad word to say about it.  Actually, oh yes, people hate the queue.  Because there is often a queue as their noodles are that good, people will wait.  But hey, people wait for hours to eat at The Breakfast Club which makes me think those people are not right in the head.

But they're right about Koya.  And now even the queue haters can shut up, because there's a new Koya where Mooli's used to be.  Koya Bar.

They opened a few days early, I saw pictures of people eating there before the announced grand opening so promptly scooted round to Frith at lunch the following day with Art.

I was surprised to find the same menu as Koya, I'd imagined it would be different but why fix what ain't broke?  We started, as we usually do, with the atsu-age, £6.90, fried and grilled tofu.

I then had the fish & chips, which was coley in tempura batter with celeriac crisps and shisho dip, £9.10.  A dish I've not had before at Koya and I was really happy with it.  Light and crunchy, lovely dunked in the accompanying dip, I even loved the garnish of battered parsley leaf.

Art had the beef donburi which looked amazing, I tried the beef and it didn't disappoint.  The rice dishes all come with a bowl of miso, £11.40.

Having read Lizzie's post, I've learned they are serving breakfast at Koya Bar and that they plan to move the original Koya towards a more specials led menu, which is really exciting, I'm always tempted by the specials board there and have liked every dish I've tried from it.

A great addition to Soho, and one I'm sure I'll be returning to again and again.

Koya Bar
50 Frith St

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