Sunday, 8 September 2013


Picture on Great Portland St has been open for just over 3 months.  It wasn't particularly busy on the Tuesday I visited but I'd booked in advance.  You can reserve either tables or bar seats which I like.  Service is very relaxed and friendly.

We start with a couple of gin martinis.  We're told they're out of olives so go for a twist to then be asked if we'd like a bowl of olives to snack on.  Hmm.  We decline.  Bread arrives swiftly, nice little baguettes.

We opt for the 6 plate set menu for £35 which offers an appealing selection of small plates for great value.  First up comes a little chilled tomato and red pepper soup with basil oil.

As this is small we polish it off pretty quickly, it was good, really peppery and refreshing.  The next course arrives immediately after the soup glasses leave the table.  It's goat's curd cheese with figs and fennel.  We're a bit worried, that at this rate, we could be out of the place in half an hour.

It's a pretty dish, they like their wooden boards, and the cheese is lovely.  Interesting flavour combinations with the fruity sweetness of the fig and the bitterness from the endive.  There's some roasted onion under the figs too.  Then comes the pork.

It's pressed and served with watermelon and bbq sauce.  I find it a little confused, the sauce is very sweet and there's radish on there too.  But things really pick up from here.  Salmon is next.

Grilled fillet with tenderstem broccoli, anchovy and pine nuts.  The anchovy came in the form of the crunchy topping on the fish which sat on a bed of beetroot and pine nuts.  Again a lot going on, and perhaps overdoing things slightly, but the fish and vegetables were cooked perfectly and I liked the texures.

But, it was the beef which followed that was our favourite dish on the night.  The final of the savoury courses.

Served rare with heritage carrots, leeks and a little dollops of squash puree, it was brilliant.  The delivery of the dishes spaced out a bit after the first 2 and the pace felt just right.  As dessert was served we were given a glass of chilled pedro ximenez.

Dessert was chocolate mousse with honeycomb and strawberries, not the advertised raspberries.  Loved the mousse and honeycomb combo, light and airy with the caramel crunch but I'm personally not a huge fan of berries and chocolate.  I know it's me though, so I ate it all happily enough.

We ended with another glass of sherry and lingered at the bar.  We were the last people to leave at 11:30 and we weren't at all hurried.  I really enjoyed Picture and there was plenty on the menu which appealed to me.  I'd definitely revisit if I found myself in the area.  With drinks and service, we spent just over £100.

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