Sunday, 12 January 2014


This burger round up post has been a long time coming.  We've all eaten a lot of burgers in London, some great, some not so great.  Here are a few I've eaten over the last few months.

I met Art for an impromptu late Saturday lunch at Grillshack.  This was a while ago, probably November.  I confess I was surprised to read a mostly positive review from Jay Rayner in December.  I thought he'd hate the place.  Anyway, the burger itself was sound.  Ticked all the boxes, nothing remarkable, but a solid enjoyable offering.  The online app ordering thing is a bit silly, but we ordered at the counter and had no problems.  Liked the corn with lime and parmesan too, interesting amid the other more regular side dishes.  

Lucky Chip @ The Sebright Arms
I finally went to the Sebright Arms at the end of last year with Nibs and Charlie, fortunately making it in time for the speacial Breaking Bad menu.  It was awesome.  I had the Mike Ehrmantraut (£7), poor Mike, the cheese and bacon burger.  We got fries, tater tots and onion rings too.  It was a feast, it was excellent.  These burgers are up there with the best for me.  Sorry about the shit photo.

Ate this one with AV (with whom I've spent a lot of time talking about burgers) and what I recall most about this lunch is that the bun was great and the truffle parmesan fries were amazing.  The menu is slightly confusing, in that you pick a blend from the menu, such as ‘THE ORIGINAL BLEND’, ‘THE TENDER BLEND’, ‘THE BUTCHER’S CUT’.  I remember thinking "I don't know what this means and it makes me angry".  Anyway, decent burger, they're between £5 and £10, the Wardour St branch is always busy, service was a little slow, we didn't make it back by 2. 

Little Social
Hello my friend.  What January detox?!  I ate this beauty this week and it was excellent.  Perhaps I shouldn't have kicked things off with truffle risotto because I felt so full after this.  Great crispy bacon, nicely cooked meat (pink, obvs) and cracking pickles combining perfectly.  For £15 it comes with fries and a dressed side salad, slightly odd but the burger is a winner.

Five Guys
This is the Kid's favourite burger ever, so we have to agree to disagree about Five Guys because I did not love it.  I was totally confused by the ordering, who makes their diners have to specifically request lettuce and tomato in their burger?  It's like they're catering for 5 year olds who won't eat anything green.  So I neglected to add some.  I was delighted to receive somebody else's order though, because there they are, along with double patties, I obviously forgot to ask for that too.  What most upset me was the grey slices of beef.  I don't think they're patties, they're too thin.   I loved the cheese, and the ton of fries you get slung in a paper bag.  I like the monkey nuts, I love that we didn't have to queue, but I found the whole thing a bit annoying. It is cheap though, less than £10.  Sorry Kid.

I've also revisited Meatmarket, Meatliquor and Burger & Lobster, up there as my 1 and 2.  Or 1, 2 and 3, I suppose.  But then I need to include Meatmission.  Urgh.

61-63 Beak St

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Lucky Chip @ The Sebright arms
The Sebright Arms
31-35 Coate St

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187 Wardour St
Soho W1F

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Little Social
5 Pollen St

Little Social on Urbanspoon

Five Guys
1-3 Long Acre
Covent Garden

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Sarah Fitzpatrick said...

I completely stand by 5 guys being way up there in my top 3. Like I said, it's what you make it with your individual order. We need to get you back for a second visit now you know the deal with the order process, get you some cajun fries Boo and it'll easily be up there with your top 5! The Kid x