Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Les Deux Salons

Mini post about a casual lunch I had with my Mum. On a blustery Saturday afternoon we spontaneously sought solace at Les Deux Salons in Covent Garden.

First off, the service was amazing.  Our wonderful waitress seemed to know exactly what we wanted, be that a pot of tea to warm us up, more bread (always) or a top up of prosecco.  We settled in to a comfy booth and I wondered why I hadn't visited sooner.

There's a 2 course prix fixe menu for £12.95 available from 12-6pm.  Goats opted for that and it's amazing value, there was even a dauphinoise side thrown in.  I ordered a la carte because I couldn't resist the fish soup.

This little old thing was amazing!  It's such a simple dish but they have it bang on.  So, so good. Perfect aioli in a little side dish and a crispy crouton accompanied. I've thought about this soup a lot since. A bargain at £7.50.

My main was a little fish pie.  Plenty of smoked haddock and salmon lurking beneath what might be considered slightly burnt piped mash.  I kinda like burnt stuff so I was ridiculously happy with this course too.   Not the cheapest option on the menu (£16.95), I'll grant you, but I liked it. 

We lingered for about an hour after we'd finished eating and weren't at all rushed. This place has been open for a long time in London restaurant years, in normal years only 2 and a half.  I was surprised to like it so much as friends who have visited before never raved about it, but I was seriously impressed.  Can't help but notice a swerve towards French food in my recent dining pattern, Montreal's a calling....

I've never eaten at Demetre and Smith's other venues either, might try to squeeze one in before I leave.

Les Deux Salons
42-44 William IV Street
Covent Garden

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Daniel said...

Les Deux Salons is a great solid dining experience, no gimmicks and classic dishes. In my opinion Arbutus is another level though, clever and exceptionally delicious food, their set lunch is outrageously good value.

I had a bad experience at Wild Honey (rushed, rude service, cold food) but that was a long time ago, I've been meaning to get back and try again.