Friday, 7 February 2014

The Lockhart

Everyone's been talking about this place. We booked at short notice for dinner last week and had a really great night.

The Lockhart's been open since the middle of last year and some clever person has seemingly been on a recent PR drive to advertise their Southern States inspired menu.  That or things must have improved significantly in the kitchen because it's been hard to escape them for the last month or so.  It's a concise but regularly adapted menu, I was sad that the fried chicken wasn't on on this particular day but there were plenty of other delectable offerings.

Dish of the night was a side order of cornbread.  It smelled like cake.  So much butter, so very very good.  Dense and sweet and made to order, we ate all of this and I felt so full up but could not face leaving any of it.  Such a bargain at £4 too.

We shared the catfish goujons (£3, above) and the chicken oysters (£5, below) for snacks to begin with.  I preferred the former, amazing creole remoulade accompanied.  The breadcrumb coating was excellent.

One major niggle, I hate if menus are small with say 4 choices for main and then 1 or more of the dishes sell out early on a regular basis. Art wanted the pork on this occasion but they had sold out.  Same happened at Foxlow, they had sold out of both dishes I had wanted to order and I have to say, I wouldn't go back because of this.

Two things about the meal have stuck with me. The mallard gumbo starter (£8) was incredible and the cornbread was out of this world good.  Chef Brad McDonald's menu is innovative and exciting and my main of shrimp and grits (£17) was also fantastic but I was so full up, I only managed half of it.  I was so annoyed at myself.

Go. Go with a large group of friends so you can order everything. Check that they have the fried chicken on before you book. I'm still seething every time I see other people have been lucky enough to try it. By all accounts they do a very decent brunch too.

The Lockhart
24 Seymour Place

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