Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Dominion Square Tavern

Yet another Bourdain venue during his 24 layover, I'd read much about Tavern Square Dominion as a drinking venue but wasn't sure what to expect of the food.  There's a long bar running the length of the dining room, it feels very 1920s that's clearly the vibe they're going for, prohibition speakeasy type thang.  It feels a bit like London's Zedel, which makes me very happy.

For some reason I have issues arranging these 3 words properly, Dominion Square Tavern seems to make much more sense in my head so this is what I call it.  Anyway, I don't think people care really, it's called both.  The building harks back to the great depression era, when it was first built and was a hotel, it's been a restaurant since 2009 having gone through various changes in between.  I loved the feel of the place.  They offer a completely British menu, including bangers and mash and a roast on Sunday, will definitely be back for that come winter.

I had to order the scotch egg ($14) to start, I miss scotch eggs a lot, I really didn't expect to, but I do.  This one didn't disappoint in the slightest, perfect runny yolk.  The 'Swedish' sauce is acidic, consisting of horseradish and goose fat apparently, I think lemon is responsible for the tang.  'Scuse the photo quality, it's very candlelit in there, perfect date venue.  Apparently it's also a popular pre hockey game destination as there's a nearby sports bar where the cocktails aren't up to much.

This is the roasted cod with carrot puree and kale ($29).  I've decided I don't like carrot mash, it's always far too sweet and overpowering, the fish was cooked nicely and the kale was good, but the mash masked any other flavours. 

We shared a cheese plate ($18) consisting of a blue, a brie and a cheddar with Guinness.  I'd seen this at Atwater Market and it creeped me out, something about the marbling looks a bit gross but the taste was ok.  The blue was nicest.  Served with pecans and fruity toasted bread. 

We drank really good gin fizz cocktails to begin with and moved on to just fizz.  Will definitely be back, I also miss roast dinners,  luckily British food is a big thing here so I don't have to rely solely on cooking myself to get a regular taste of home.

Dominion Square Tavern
1243 Metcalfe
Golden Square Mile

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