Thursday, 25 September 2014

Pizzeria Gema

So I've banged on about this place in several previous posts and finally made it for dinner last Friday.  Feels like this is often my opener for posts, need to change the record.  Owner Michele Forgione opened this more casual restaurant right across the street from his original slick looking restaurant, Impasto, in Montreal's Little Italy earlier this summer.  There was quite a buzz on account of a free pizza launch night and I'd been keen to try since.

It's no reservations but we showed up at 8ish on a chilly Friday night and were seated after about a 5 minute wait.  If they are full, they take your number and call you when a table is available, a custom that's not widely used here, where most restaurants take reservations.

We struggled a little to pick what to have opting to go straight in with mains saving room for dessert.  All the pizzas sound appealing, the starters too actually.  We ended up going for the special, mortadella with pistachio pesto, which turned out to be just crushed nuts with a dousing of olive oil as far as I could tell, but no complaints, it was excellent. 

We shared both, our second choice being the Ruliano, topped with confit proscuito, melted leeks and fontina.  This one was slightly more charred, the crust and base had more colour, which I prefer.  Once again apols for the extremely amateur photos, you get the gist though.  This was v.good.

Dessert options are limited to chocolate and/or vanilla frozen custard with a variety of customizable toppings.  We both opted for vanilla with butterscotch sauce and salted nuts.  It was bloody brilliant.  I like the simplicity of the menu, they're keeping things pretty basic but doing these few staples really, really well.

Pizzas are around $15-$20, starters less than $10 and the custard, $5 for a cone or a bowl, excellent value. 

The feel of the dining room is in keeping with the basic theme, lots of wood and clean lines, tables are close together and there's a neat little bar housing a solid list of wines.  There's a hatch to the side where pizzas are served direct from the kitchen to take out.  All very good.  On a par with the pizza at Magpie.  I must try Impasto.

Pizzeria Gema (why no website or facebook?)
6827 Saint Dominique
Little Italy

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