Monday, 18 May 2009


I'm back from Malta, will report on the food there soon. It was a mixed bag, some good, some very bad.

A couple of days before I jetted off I welcomed a visit from my sister and we had breakfast at Carluccios for want of somewhere better in Covent Garden.

I was suffering from a rather sudden loss of appetite and opted for the fresh fruit salad with yogurt and a green tea.

The fruit was standard, a little more juice than I might have liked but all of it was fresh and succulent and I particularly welcomed the inclusion of kiwi fruit. A very small jug of yoghurt was perched on the side. Such a stingy amount it was barely worth it to be honest but yoghurt is a worthy partner and what was there was good.

My green tea was interesting. Curiously served in a slightly grubby latte cup with a steel handle that was scaldingly hot when touched but following a patient wait I was able to take a sip. Pictured below, the tea was in loose leaf form rather than a bag, normally a good thing but in this case some of the 'leaves' tasted and resembled bits of floating bark, nasty if lodged in the back of the throat.

The Kid ordered sensibly, and had the fried eggs and bacon on sourdough. This looked pleasing, comforting and homely, the Kid even managed to eat it without making it look disgusting, a talent she has honed over the years. Praise indeed for Carluccios.

I like this Covent Garden branch of Carluccios, the large restaurant spread over 2 floors with a good sized shop on the ground level serving lunch dishes and deli type food aswell as oils, breads, wines and other Italian goods. It's no Neal Street Restaurant but a good flagship nonetheless.

Garrick St

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goodshoeday said...

I like Carluccios take on fried breakfast - its pricey and cups always look grubby but its nice.
On the Malta food thing try reading the Eating Eurovision post at for some Malta foodie madness.

Boo said...

Wow, now i'm wishing I'd tried the rabbit stew whilst I was out there. Thanks for the link, I'm loving all the eating Eurovision posts.