Friday, 8 May 2009

Scottish Tablet

I'd never heard of this before. It's sort of fudge like in apprearance but in texture is much more crumbly and grainy. It consists of milk, condensed milk, sugar and butter. Our Scottish runner has left us to return to the motherland. She left this as her parting gift and referred to it as 'diabetes in a bowl'. Ha.

It's very good, incredibly sweet, as rich as it is moorish. Homemade, evident by the non-uniformity of the pieces and the abundance of sugary dust left in the bowl. It's gone down remarkably well with my colleagues. Good to know there's more to Scotland than haggis and arbroath smokies!

A note to say that I'm off on a very last minute, unplanned holiday, I really need to get away for a bit and am fleeing to Malta. Sadly I'll miss the meet up with Catavino next Wed, I'm really sad about that but shall be back in a while, hopefully with much to report of my eating experiences there. I'm unsure what to expect, a heavy Italian influence and local rabbit dishes.

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Alex said...

Have a fab holiday!