Thursday, 28 May 2009

Kastner and Ovens

I’ve seen many a colleague schlep back to the office come lunchtime with a Kastner and Ovens bag, the smell is always divine, also there’s a favourable review on Londonist, so I finally managed to wander up to Floral St and see for myself what all the fuss is about.

In the same vein as buffet eating or pick ‘n’ mix sweets they have their daily treats lined up on a table to the left of the cute little shop. It all smells delicious and looks like good home made comforting food.

I opted for the small salad box (I had after all just purchased some trainers for the purpose of marathon training) and one of the friendly guys who work there gave me a little bit of everything. The selection comprised of a chickpea and tomato salad, rice salad with mushrooms and a roasted vegetable and bean salad. This was all well dressed and tasty and there was a sprinkling of a shredded white vegetable on the top which was relatively tasteless so I couldn’t be sure what it was to be honest.

The best part was the rice with mushrooms, which was really rather good, the rest was fairly standard. I may allow myself to be tempted by the hot food next time I think, for some reason I’ll definitely return despite not having been blown away, I like it here. Maybe I'll try a sandwich as recommended by Dinner Diary. Be warned however, they do not take cards, I had to scoot off the nearest ATM.

This was a bargainous £3.50. Very good value, very nice people, nice food. A great lunchtime option.

Kastner and Ovens
52 Floral Street

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Browners said...

Glad you liked the Sandwichist post and Dinner Diary's review.

Boo said...

I really enjoyed reading all of the Sandwichist posts, who doesn't love sandwiches?