Tuesday, 9 February 2010

J Sheeky Oyster Bar

I've had champagne and oysters at The J Sheekey Oyster Bar before and last week couldn't resist returning to celebrate some good news at work.

This time Thomas and I opted for Plateau de Fruits de Mer for 2 which was an incredibly gluttonous amount of food. I ate my way through most of it, out eating Thomas by a good 15 minutes. I just could not see such fresh and delicious shellfish going to waste.

The top layer of the platter had half a lobster, a whole devon cock crab and a dozen oysters. I loved the extravagance, the envious glances from fellow diners and the accompanying prosecco.

The lower layer of the platter was brimming with Dublin Bay and Atlantic prawns, mussels, clams, cockles and whelks.

I adore the old school feel of the Oyster Bar, deep red velvet curtains and comfortable booths providing the backdrop, tables topped with super shiny silver and very attentive and suave waiters tending to your every need. We sat at the bar where one can observe the skilled seafood chefs doing their thing.

For dessert we shared a rhubarb crumble which was very good indeed, just the right amount of tartness to the fruit and the most wonderful vanilla custard I have ever tasted.

I think they mostly cater here for pre and post theatregoers, the St Martin's Court location ideal for many of the West End shows. The neighbouring restaurant, established in 1986 is a better venue for a longer stay, read my thoughts on the main room here

31 St Martin's Court
Covent Garden

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Laura Nickoll said...

The best way to celebrate! Have you tried the oysters and champagne at Bentley's? I love both places, but sitting at the bar in Bentley's has the edge over J Sheekey for me.

Boo said...

Hi Laura, thanks for the comment. I have been to Bentley's, I attended a Dine with Dos Hermanos evening there but didn't blog about it because I failed to take any pictures due to the food being sooooo good, I forgot! I didn't try out the bar there though, thanks for the recommendation, I'll definitely check it out.