Friday, 26 February 2010

The Old Dairy

Sunday lunch with John and Sue, we strolled to Crouch End in the almost rain, not a long walk from N19 but not a particularly pleasant one.

The building is, as it says on the tin, an old dairy and it's quite a sight to behold from the exterior, a lot of brick, large oval windows, in all a very attractive looking venue. It's a gastropub at heart with wooden tables aplenty but a more formal dining area to the rear with dark leather booths.

The roasts at The Old Dairy looked impressive as we saw them being ferried around the place by the young, friendly and rather trendy waiting staff and they are reasonably priced at £13. When we were settled and ready to order the kitchen had temporarily closed due to an excess of orders. The waiter came over to our table about 10 minutes later and took our order, not too much of a problem but then the same thing happened when we went to order dessert. I think they would do better to take the orders anyway and explain that there might be a bit of a wait. The food arrived very quickly and announcing that the kitchen is overwhelmed is not the best way to approach a busy service imho.

Anyhow, when the food arrived it was fine hearty pub grub. I went for the roast lamb, Thomas for chicken with chorizo and John and Sue both had the beef. I was asked whether I'd like the lamb pink or well cooked. I asked for pink and it wasn't which was disappointing. I thought the roast potatoes could certainly have done with a bit longer in the oven. The veg was nice, savoy cabbage and green beans retained their crunch and there was a carrot and suede mash, a welcome addition. The Yorkshire pudding, which can be such a treat, was dry and hollow and there wasn't enough gravy.

The others did slightly better, the beef was cooked as requested and Thomas liked the chorizo. He did note that there was a lack of seasoning and I agree that the taste was a little bland. Better was my cheeseboard, a selection of Cornish yarg, Cashel blue and Somerset brie with quince jelly, red grapes and oat cakes. I happily munched my way through this (with a lot of assistance from Thomas) for a good half an hour. A very generous portion with a good choice of cheeses. Not cheap at £9.50 but worth it. Other desserts sampled were sticky toffee pudding and the apple crumble, both were consumed swiftly with no complaints.

I will note that I was very ill following this meal, not immediately following but in the middle of the night and all of Monday. It could have been a bug but this seems to happen to me after pub roast dinners, see this post. Is it possible I am allergic? They are very rarely any good so I shall stick to home cooking from now on I think and possibly visit the Old Dairy for drinks.

The Old Dairy
1-3 Crouch Hill


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Lizzie said...

Is the Old Dairy counted as Crouch End? I always thought it was Finny P. Weird that you were ill, but I had a day of feeling properly ropey and nothing came of it (thank god). I can't think what is in a roast dinner you could be allergic to.

Anonymous said...


Boo said...

Lizzie - could well be Finsbury Park, I walked and the address (Crouch Hill) led me to believe it was Crouch End.

Also, my mates think I was harsh with a 5/10 but I'm standing my ground. Culinary wasteland as far as I'm concerned