Thursday, 7 June 2012

BrewDog, Camden

I've been off the radar recently. New job, new home, another new home soon, long hours at work, ridiculous deadlines etc. (it's all happening!) and aside from the odd late night visit to Spuntino, I've not been eating out much.  Quieter times to come thankfully, so I'll be back in action.

I spent last NYE holed up at BrewDog in Camden and recently revisited with friends on a Sunday to drink some ludicrously strong beers (not for me really, I ended up drinking the raspberry hued offering) and eat cheap burgers.

I actually really enjoyed the Californian.  Handily posed by the kitchen ready for a cross section shot, served on a little wooden board. 

It was very juicy though. Not typically a criticism in a burger but in this instance it dripped all over my new jeans. Sob.  Flavour wise, the char is not even close to the likes of Meatliquor or Goodman but I enjoyed the add ons, cheese, sauce, crisp lettuce and tomato.  Priced at £4.95 I really don't think you can complain, would be nice to have the option to add chips.

My companions tried the pizza and the pork burger, laden with sauerkraut. Also a goodun. There's a curry type offering too.

The food menu was designed by Masterchef 2011 winner Tim Anderson. I liked the guy and I liked the food here.

The beers pretty special too of course and it's nice they've given a bit of thought to how you soak up all that booze. Well done BrewDog. I'm glad you've opened in London.

113 Bayham Street

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