Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Nordic Bakery

I've worked in Soho for yonks now and only just been to Nordic Bakery for lunch.  I got a closed gravadlax sandwich on dark rye, with a latte and loved it.

Most reports I've read on this place, have raved about the pastries, and they did look great, all lined up on the counter, cinnamon buns, blueberry buns, oven pancakes and rye muffins, each looked enticing.  Alas, I'll be exposing myself in a bikini this time in 2 days so am laying off the sweet treats in the run up to that.

Back to my sandwich, it came with some nice pickled cucumber and sweet mustard and dill dressing which really made it for me.  Delicious and filling and a lovely strong latte too.  The bread is also available to buy, might pick up a loaf next time. 

The savoury karelian pie looked particularly appealing, served with an egg butter.  I'll be back for that post bikini time.  Pretty reasonably priced too, only £3.85 for the sandwich.

Nordic Bakery
14a Golden Square

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superchick said...

i went there it sucks

Boo said...

Okay then! Thanks for sharing.