Saturday, 7 March 2009


Few things delight more than cupcakes.

When I saw that The Primrose Bakery had opened a new branch in Covent Garden I both jumped for joy and whimpered at the prospect of having to stifle my cupcake cravings knowing that these beauties are in the vicinity. It’s been a struggle.

This week I succumbed and purchased 4 cupcakes, 2 vanilla, 1 chocolate and 1 peanut butter. Here are the latter 2 whilst they remained in tact!

The thing about cupcakes is that they appeal to the child in you. It makes me happy just looking at them, usually adorned with hundreds and thousands or flowers or other edible sparkly items. They’re beautiful and delicious. What more does one need?

The Primrose Bakery smells divine which only adds to the experience, I was sorely tempted to purchase a mini cupcake to quell my anticipation and fill the void between purchase and consumption but I refrained!

I’ve been a fan ever since my first visit to New York when I sampled the delights on offer at the famous Magnolia Bakery of Sex and the City fame. On our recent visit to New York I was keen for Thomas to try one but it’s sadly become a tourist mecca and queuing for hours in below zero temperatures did not appeal. I was sad about that because I remember their cupcakes and found them to be superior to any I’ve had since.

The one thing I would say about the Primrose Bakery cakes is that the vanilla sponge was a little on the dry side. The chocolate one was virtual perfection, moist dense sponge and creamy chocolaty butter icing. I managed 2 whole cakes whilst Thomas was beaten by the peanut butter one.

I’ve never attempted to make them myself, now there’s a thought…

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