Saturday, 7 March 2009

Pork Goulash

One of the severe drawbacks relating to my job is the long hours and weekend work around deadline periods. Dinners at work are inevitably miserable and standard, Wagamama, Pizza Express etc. I find using the allocated dinner money to buy groceries and making something exciting is well worth it, even if it does mean eating late. Or, better still, having your student boyfriend cooking at home so that there’s a tasty dinner ready when you get back!

This was the case on Saturday when Thomas made a Pork Goulash with peppers and smoked paprika. My contribution was dessert in the form Eton Mess. Out of season but what the heck, I needed some creamy meringue goodness in my life. And something quick to assemble.

So here’s the obligatory ingredients shot

Here we have some roasted peppadew peppers, sweet but with a spicy note, paprika, lemon thyme, marjoram, caraway seeds. tinned tomatoes, onions and fresh peppers. These combined to make the sauce in which the pork cooks in the oven after the initial searing process.

Here's how the pork looked pre oven:

Beautiful! And once assembled in the bowl on a bed of rice with a dollop of lemon and garlic infused sour cream, the resulting meal was hearty and satisfying, with a hefty kick from the peppers and paprika. It was lovely and we both went back for seconds.

The pork was wonderfully tender, succumbing to the fork with the merest of nudges. The peppers and the sauce were delicious too and rice offers the only feesible accompaniment in my opinion.

For dessert, I pressed some raspberries through a fine mesh sieve, hulled some strawberries and quartered them. Crushed up some M&S meringues (cheating I know but they're definitely the best ones available pre made) whipped some double cream with a dash of vanilla essence and some icing sugar and combined everything. This is so so brilliant and easy I cannot rave enough about it. It did, true to it's name, look like a complete mess, but it was pink and white and marbled and lovely to look at and to eat. I can't wait to make it again. We scoffed it without even thinking about taking pictures!

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